Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Technically, Fieldstone Grill is not in Texas Corners, but it is close enough. If you are not familiar with the area, it is in the Moorsbrige area just east of 131 behind the National City bank on Centre.

My wife and I went there the other night with some friends and I only have great things to say about the restaurant. I had the Fieldstone Grill Steak which was cooked perfectly. I rarely order steaks at restaurants thinking I will get a tough piece of meat, but this was an exception. My wife had the nightly special. We can’t specifically remember the name of the fish, but it was a white fish, solid in texture. I would recommend it, but the name escapes me.

Any good restaurant offers ambiance with the food and Fieldstone Grill does not disappoint. We sat a nice table right by the fire. The fireplace is a huge stone fireplace which is saddled by floor to ceiling windows looking out over the marsh behind the restaurant. It was dark the night we went, but in the summer the view is excellent. Personally, I think the restaurant offers a robust rich feel when you are there. I like the tall back stained chairs along with the other stained woodwork. Look up and you will notice hand made box beams. (I don’t think they are solid).

Prices are reasonable. More reasonable than I remembered from the last time we went. In fact, instead of just special occasions, we might find ourselves back there more often. Fieldstone Grill is part of the Millennium Restaurant group and if you go to their website you will find other restaurants that they offer.

This is not a paid ad for Fieldstone grill and I did not receive reimbursement for this article